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As part of the Certified by Chrono24 program, the authenticity of each watch is checked and certified by a verified watchmaker, who then issues a certificate of authenticity that details the certification of your watch.

  1. What Authenticity Means To Us

    In order to certify a watch, we must first define what we mean by "authenticity." We break down the term unambiguously, so that you're fully informed before you buy. You can learn more by reading our authenticity info brochure.

  2. Professional Authentication

    All watches certified by Chrono24 undergo a comprehensive inspection based on pre-defined criteria. This is the only way we can guarantee the authenticity of the watch. You can learn more by reading our authenticity info brochure.

  3. Verified Watchmakers

    Every watchmaker who certifies watches for Chrono24 is pre-screened by us before we begin working with them. This ensures that they have all the necessary qualifications and technical equipment. Learn more.

How Certification Works

Our Commitment to Authenticity

Our Commitment to Authenticity

How we categorize the various watch components and determine the authenticity of a timepiece is explained in detail in our brochure.

Read authenticity brochure

Certified Authenticity

When you buy a Certified watch, you can rest easy knowing that it's guaranteed authentic. After successful certification, you'll receive a digital certificate of authenticity confirming the authenticity of your watch. Learn more.

Digital Certificate
Digital Certificate
Every Certified watch comes with an online certificate of authenticity – a digital document that cannot be lost, stolen, or damaged.

How To Purchase a Certified Watch


Certified 是指我们新推出的一项认证服务,由合作的制表师检查并鉴定腕表是否为正品。通过该服务,我们希望为平台上的奢华腕表买家提供全方位安心的购物体验。
每一位对 Certified 腕表进行认证的制表师都要事先通过我们的审核,以确保他们具备所有必要的资质和技术设备。通过有针对性的抽查,我们还能确保腕表仅由专家按照我们的标准进行鉴定。如果发现任何不当行为,我们将会追究制表师的责任。另请参阅:包含 Certified 和可选 Certified 之间有何区别?
额外购买的可选 Certified 的认证流程通常需要 1-3 个工作日。而包含 Certified 的腕表已经通过了认证,可直接向您寄出。另请参阅:包含 Certified 和可选 Certified 之间有何区别?
如果腕表在检查过程中发现是赝品,则其无法通过认证。在这种情况下,我们的支持团队将与您联系,并立即退还您的付款。当然,如果您额外购买了价格为 €199 的可选 Certified 服务,而腕表鉴定为赝品,我们也会退还该费用。
1. 留意带有 Certified 标志的广告
在搜索结果页面和相应的广告页面上,您都可以通过带有字母“C”的绿色图标辨认 Certified 腕表。当然,您也可以直接筛选 Certified 广告,以便更快找到相应商品。如果您决定购买 Certified 腕表,您可以在广告页面上一眼看出腕表是否已包含认证,还是可以在购买时添加 Certified 认证服务。另请参阅:包含 Certified 和可选 Certified 之间有何区别?
2. 由我们合作的制表师进行检查
3. 您将收到经过认证的腕表以及电子正品证书。